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As a PhD Student

If you are interested in joining the lab as a PhD student you should send an email describing your background and interests to Dr Frishkoff ( with “2023 PhD position” in the subject line. Please include your CV, a statement of research interests, and GRE scores.

Applicants should apply to the PhD program in Biology (

Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2022.

Why live in Arlington TX?

Arlington, let’s be honest, is probably not your first choice as a place to live. Texas as a whole often gets a bad rap, especially if you’re not from the US. What about Arlington though? Ok, so it won’t live up to the other big Texan city starting with the letter A. There is, however, more to Arlington than just the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Six Flags national headquarters, and the coveted International Bowling Museum.

Arlington is:

  • home to a wealth of different cultures, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Venezualan, Thai, El Salvadorian, Ghanian, Polish and Cameroonian.
  • host to over 300 restaurants, including everything from BBQ and Hushpuppies, to Phở and Pupusas.
  • home to numerous, pubs, bars, breweries and dive bars, including: The Tipsy Oak, The Grease Monkey, Division Brewing and Caves Lounge.
  • a neighbor to both Dallas (30min drive) and Fort Worth (25min drive), both of which have vibrant and varied social scenes and activities.
  • in close proximity to numerous state parks, wildlife refuges and natural areas perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping and mountain biking.
  • home to River Legacy Park a 1,300-acre park which provides a wealth of habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna, including Bobcats, Beavers, Bullfrogs, Copperheads, Soft Shell Turtles, Tarantulas, Barred Owls, and of course Armadillos aplenty. There is also a mountain bike trail and a nature center, and numerous events every month.
  • part of the second largest state in the US, covered in desert, mountains, prairie and even swamp and wetlands. Texas is also home to two national parks (Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains), 89 state parks, 21 national wildlife refuges, 600+ species of birds, 165 species of reptile, 142 mammal species, 72 amphibians, and probably 1,000,000 species of insects (who even knows).

    For more information about Arlington check out: