Principal Investigator

Dr Luke Frishkoff

My research focuses on how species and communities respond to anthropogenic change, and understanding how evolution in deep time pre-adapts lineages to novel stressors.

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Doctoral Students

Kristopher Row – 4th Year PhD Student

I am interested in the selective pressures of urban environments and how they drive adaptation. I currently work with Anolis carolinensis populations in Texas to determine the morphological variation between urban populations and natural populations.

Alexander Murray – 4th Year PhD Student

I am interested in understanding what shapes communities from an ecological and evolutionary perspective. I aim to understand patterns of biodiversity; what processes drive diversification, species interactions, and species richness. I want to better understand why some species are more susceptible to habitat modification than others, and how we can predict which are most susceptible.

Zachary Lange – 2nd Year PhD Student

Prior to coming here, I completed my MS in Biology with the Watling Lab at John Carroll University in 2019, where I studied the relationship between thermal biology and habitat use in terrestrial-breeding frogs in Colombia. My research interests include biogeography, thermal biology, and ecology, primarily as they relate to amphibians and reptiles.

Edita Folfas – 2nd Year PhD student

I am interested in predation and its impact on communities. My research focuses on how predation risk and environmental variables affect thermal behavior of lizards!

Post Doc

Dr Daniel Nicholson

I finished my PhD with Queen Mary University of London and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in 2021. Where I focused on the inital steps of colonisation after experimentally introducing Anolis lizards to islands in Lake Gatun; Panama. Now I am focused on looking at Anole community structure, species interactions and invasive species across the Caribbean.
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Former Students

Undergraduate Researchers

Oscar Villasana Espinosa

I wish to explore both marine and aquatic ecosystems to better understand the interactions between human dependence on these systems and the effects on those systems by humans in order to inform on the importance of preserving these ecosystems.

Pope Urbina

I love biology, learning, music and my two little dogs. I hope to one day earn my PhD and be a professor.

Chandler Davis

My key interest is ecology. Whenever I can I try to explore natural areas within and around DFW to get a better understanding of what lives around me.

Monica Miles

I am passionate about learning from our environment and about our place within its ever changing system. My favorite things include traveling, interacting with nature/wildlife, coffees and teas, and learning about physics and our environment.